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Do you have access to the Internet?
But no first-class access to Usenet-news?

Then you have been missing most of the fun until now!

E.g. completely free exchange of opinions, music, pictures, games, software and much more. There is no topic which is not discussed at the Usenet. Second to e-mail, Usenet is the oldest and biggest internet community in the world. And it is absolutely „hot“, because millions of users can be reached within a short time – by news which may contain text, sound graphics, videos and programs.

As a well-known usenet access provider Premium News offers:

There are more than 50000 newsgroups worldwide. We offer nearly all of them. The servers process about  2.8 millions of articles containing an amount of 700 gigabytes of information per day. About 2500 gigabytes of news are accessible online and the articles remain on the server for up to two weeks.
Anonymity and security.
Premium News respects you privacy. Your IP address will not be verified during log-in. Your user’s data will not be recorded. We never give your personal data to a third party.
Access without time limit. Presently, the “official” download limit is 20/40 gigabyte per month. If you exceed this limit significantly, you will be notified by e-mail. Only in case of a “gross” overrun of your limit, your access will be limited.
Maximum availability.
Access is possible from any internet-terminal worldwide – through almost any provider (aol, compuserve, t-online and internet-by-call providers). Your membership identification and your password guarantee maximum availability.