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Premium News Frequently Asked Questions



1. How do I contact Premium News support?  (back to top)
just push on
Contact on the left side


2. How do I set up and configure my news reader program to access Premium News?  (back to top)
Put the information sent by mail into your newsreader.

3. News header and/or article retrieval is slow.
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The Internet is a complex network structure. Several things can go wrong.
The most common conclusion is the news server is overloaded, bandwidth is maximized, or too many users. With the recent upgrades in Sparc hardware and T3 installations these issues are not the problem here at Premium News. Alternative problems are related to you ISP, backbone provider problems, congested network exchanges, packet flooding by a faulty router, and the list goes on.

4. I cannot retrieve any new messages in the groups.  
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Possibility #1
Your resource information used by your news reader program still contains information from your old news server. To fix this you will need to force your news reader to rebuild the resource information file. Each news reader is a little different. Most likely you can unsubscribe to all of your groups (be sure to not save any current resource information if prompted). Then resubscribe and get all the available headers from our news server.

Possibility #2
Make sure you are accessing an active group. There are a lot of junk news groups. Some with closely matched names. Be sure the group name is actually the one you really want and not a misspelled group.

5. How do I change my password?  
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Please send a Mail with your request. Insert your Name, customer number and your old password.

6. How is my account billed?  
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Premium News's billing cycle is based upon your signup "anniversary date." For example, if you signed up for a month-to-month account on the 10th of the month, your credit card will be billed on the 10th of every month. Each monthly account is renewed automatically until you cancel your account. Unless we are instructed to do otherwise, prepay (multi-month) accounts are not automatically renewed.

7. How do I cancel my account?  
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Fill out
this form. A prorated refund will be issued. The prorated amount is based on the lesser of how much time is remaining or how much download allowance is remaining on the account.

8. I am getting a "502 Authentication Error." What does this mean?  
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This means that your login or password is incorrect, or your subscription has expired.

9. I lost my username and/or password. How can I obtain this information?  
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Please send us a Mail to request your login data

10. Why are some multi-part binary postings incomplete while another news server has all of the parts?  
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News propagation is never guaranteed. News propagation is dependent upon network conditions, the number and quality of news peers, server conditions, forged cancellations, and the size of the post.
Any post made to a server is sent out to all of its peering servers. All premium news services have multiple source feeds to get more news in and out faster.
Some posts are sectioned into smaller segments to help improve propagation to other servers.
Because of this segmentation, some posts may appear incomplete the upload was interrupted. This is why not all multipart binaries are complete.
Some parts of multipart posts can be cancelled. Premium News does not honor any cancellations because it is too easy to forge cancellations. However some servers do honor cancellations. This fact alone could prevent some parts of the post from not reaching a server.

11. I am not able to locate a newsgroup.  
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If you are not able to locate a newsgroup on Premium News that you have located on another server or know of its existence then send us an email requesting us to add the group.